Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a Finance Broker?

A qualified and experienced Finance Broker does the leg work for you, searching a vast panel of lenders to provide you with a loan that best suits your needs. Experienced Finance Brokers will know where a deal can work, as opposed to the client applying for a loan themselves and the loan being declined due to not meeting the lenders policy. A Finance Broker is trained to package the deal to the lender, focus on the good aspects of the application, and improve the chances of getting an approval.

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Is there a fee for your service?

There is no charge for the specialist home loan broking service we provide for you. The lender you have chosen, pays us commission for lodging the deal with them, should the loan goes through to settlement. We fully disclose our commissions to you in our Finance Broking Contract.

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Which lenders do AI Mortgage Services use?

Our panel of lenders is made up of approximately 30 of Australia's leading home lenders with over 300 products available.

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How much can I borrow?

With a few details, we can quickly find out which lenders will let you borrow the money you want. Types of information we require are income details, existing loan information, and savings details.

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How does AI Mortgage Services find a loan that's right for me?

Using our specialist software, your AI Mortgage Services Adviser can help you compare the loan products of 30 different lenders, quickly and easily. Your AI Mortgage Services Adviser will tell you about the loans that are right for your needs. We'll review the details of each loan with you - and help you choose the one that's right for you.

We'll explain clearly in plain English all the features and costs of the chosen loan and tell you how much the repayments will be.

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Do you take care of First home owners grant applications?

We will lodge the First home owners grant with your loan application to the lender of your choice. The lender will apply for this for you, with proceeds from the grant available at settlement of the loan for purchases. Payment of the grant for construction loans is generally not available until the first progress payment invoiced by the builder. i.e Known as Base or slab stage.

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Who does the paperwork?

Your AI Mortgage Services Adviser will help you complete the loan application form. We will professionally package your application with all the supporting evidence and lodge it (in many cases electronically) with your chosen lender.

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Do I have to follow up the lender or do you do that?

We'll take the hassle out of the application process by managing it on your behalf - right through to settlement. We will help you with any questions that you may have and, if there are any problems, we'll chase up the lender for you. Our service continues after settlement also.

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Is my AI Mortgage Services adviser fully qualified?

All AI Mortgage Services Advisers are fully qualified and trained mortgage professionals who have undertaken the following:
  • Completion of Certificate IV Financial Services - Finance/Mortgage Broking
  • Completion of Diploma Financial Services - Finance/Mortgage Broking
  • Maintain MFAA accreditation;
  • Maintain professional indemnity insurance.
  • Maintain membership with an External Dispute Resolution Firm
  • Maintain an Australian Credit Licence

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What happens with my personal information?

Our Privacy Policy ensures that any personal information collected by us will be used only for the purpose indicated. We will not give your personal information to other organisations for their marketing purposes.

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What do I do if I have a complaint?

You can lodge complaints by contacting Anthony Igri, our Complaints Officer via:

Tel: 03 5721 6639 or 0412 883 195
Post: AI Mortgage Services
Attention: Anthony Igri
PO BOX 827
Wangaratta Victoria 3677

You should explain the details of your complaint as clearly as you can. You may do this verbally or in writing.

When we receive a complaint, we will attempt to resolve it promptly. We hope that in this way we will stop any unnecessary and inappropriate escalation of minor complaints.

We will observe the following principles in handling your complaint:

  1. There is no requirement for face-to-face contact between you and us, although it may be useful for us to come to a satisfactory resolution.
  2. We expect that both parties will make genuine attempt to resolve a complaint promptly.
  3. We expect that both parties provide all essential and relevant information, documents written statements and any other material that may properly and reasonably be believed to assist in resolving the complaint.
  4. We expect that both parties will comply with all reasonable requests from the other party to provide information within a reasonable time frame.

Our External Dispute Resolution Scheme:

If we do not reach agreement on your complaint, you may refer the complaint to an ASIC Approved External Dispute Resolution (EDR) Scheme. Our External dispute resolution provider is COSL (Credit Ombudsmen Services Limited), Phone 1800 138 422 or visit

External Dispute Resolution is a free service established to provide you with an independent mechanism to resolve specific complaints.

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